National Cheng Kung University Implementation Directions for Recruiting Contract FacultyUsing the University Endowment Fund






111 年 12 月 28 日 111 學年度第 2 次校務會議修正通過


1. The National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter “the University”) established the current directions (hereinafter “the Directions”) in accordance with the Implementation Directions Governing Junior Colleges and Institutions of Higher Education Employing Full-time Teaching Staff Outside the Staffing Complement promulgated by the Ministry of Education, with the objective of meeting the University’s teaching and academic research personnel training requirements.




2. The contracted faculty, as referred to in the directions, refers to the contracted staff members recruited using the self-generated income from the University’s endowment fund or grants from ministries for the recruitment of talent or improvement of faculty.

Contracted faculty members are divided into Chair Professors, Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers.






3. If any of the following circumstances are encountered, each unit may draft a teacher employment proposal, which shall be approved in a department/institute/library/museum/office affairs meeting or first-level center meeting. Following the administrative procedure, stamped with the seals of the Office of Research and Development, Office of Academic Affairs, Personnel Office, and Accounting Office, the aforementioned proposal shall be forwarded to the president for approval before the contracted faculty member is appointed.

(1) An education unit lacking teachers and wishing to employ teachers for fundamental, physical education and other subjects on a case-by-case basis.

(2) A unit with vacant teaching positions and wishing for a trial appointment.

(3) A unit that wishes to employ teachers due to operational needs, such as legacy courses, development of industry-academia collaboration, continuous research, and counseling, and has relevant fund support.











4. Applications for the appointment of Contracted Teachers require the following documents to be attached:

(1) An approved teacher employment proposal

(2) Application form for recruiting the Contracted Teacher

(3) Resume

(4) The applicant’s diploma or degree certificate

(5) Catalog of publications

(6) Service certificates

(7) Three recommendation letters

(8) Other documents supporting the applicant’s eligibility





(一)   中央研究院院士。

(二)   曾獲科技部傑出獎、特約研究人員獎、教育部學術獎、國家講座、傑出人才發展基金會傑出人才講座或國內外其他公認學術成就卓著獎項。

(三)   曾擔任國內外講座教授者。

(四)   學術上或專業領域上有傑出貢獻或聲望卓著者。


5. The screening and review process of the applicant’s qualifications shall be handled in accordance with the National Cheng Kung University Regulations Governing Teacher Recruitment. However, the screening and review of contract chair professors shall be handled in accordance with Paragraph 3. In response to special operation needs, the recruitment review process of chair professors who receive funds from donations shall be stipulated by the donation management unit and then approved by the university faculty review committee. Contracted teachers shall be subject to the age restrictions as prescribed for full-time teachers. However, those approved by the projects funded by the Ministry of Education are exempt from this restriction. The appointment of contract chair professors shall fulfill at least one of the following conditions and reviewed by the university faculty review committee through administrative procedures:

(1) Be an academician of Academia Sinica

(2) Have received the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Outstanding Research Award, Merit Research Fellow Award, Academic Award of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education National Chair Professorship, Outstanding Scholar Award of the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship, and other internationally/nationally recognized awards for academic achievements.

(3) Have served as a Chair Professor domestically or abroad.

(4) Have been recognized for exceptional contributions or excellent reputation in academia or professional fields.

The Personnel Office is responsible for managing all appointed Project Teachers.





6. The term of employment for a Contracted Teacher shall match the semester system and last for 1 academic year. The contract may be renewed for the continuation of the project and until the project implementation period ends. Except for Contracted Chair Professors, Contracted Teachers’ performance,  like that of full-time teachers, shall be evaluated and reviewed in a department/institute/first-level center/library/museum/office Faculty Evaluation Committee meeting as a reference for reemployment. Regarding the reemployment of a Contracted Chair Professor, an evaluation shall be conducted by subordinate units and forwarded to the president for approval following the relevant administrative procedure.




7. Contracted Teacher who meet the criteria for promotion shall apply for qualification screening in accordance with the NCKU Regulations for Faculty Promotion, which applies to full-time research personnel.




8. The starting salary of a Contracted Teacher is calculated starting from the date of their assumption of their post to the date of their departure from their post. Remuneration for contracted teachers shall be calculated in accordance with the university’s standards for the remuneration of full-time teachers. However, under special circumstances, contract remunerations that exceed the lowest base salary and the academic research allowance for teachers within the university’s staffing complement shall be allowed.

Under the condition that Project Teacher remuneration is sourced from the University’s self-generated income, as well as being higher than the amount stipulated in the National Cheng Kung University Remuneration Standards for Full-Time Research Personnel, case-by-case approval shall be obtained and forwarded to the University Endowment Fund Management Committee for review.


九、 約聘教師轉任編制內專任教師時,應依新聘教師聘任程序重新審查。其曾任與擬任職務等級相當之約聘教師年資,且服務成績優良者,得在本職最高薪範圍內按年採計提敘薪級;其資格經送教育部審查通過頒授教師證書後之服務年資,得比照編制內專任教師年資計算辦理升等。但不得採計為退休撫卹之年資。

9. Contracted Teacher who are reappointed as full-time teachers of the University shall be reevaluated following the appointment procedure for newly appointed teachers. A Project Teacher’s service seniority earned through excellent work performance before his or her current appointment shall be counted toward advancements in salary grade, based on the number of years of such prior work, to the maximum senior salary applicable for the professional rank of the position they are appointed to. The Ministry of Education shall issue a certificate to prove the teacher’s service seniority after evaluation, which the teacher may use to apply for a promotion in accordance with the service seniority calculation for full-time teachers; however, this shall not be counted toward service seniority for retirement and bereavement compensation.





10. Contracted Teacher who qualify for insurance under the Labor Insurance Act, Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and National Health Insurance Act shall enroll in the relevant programs. Those who do not qualify for the Labor Insurance Program may enroll in the Omnibus Insurance Program for International Technical Cooperation Personnel, in which they are responsible for 35% of the insurance premium and the University shall subsidize the remaining 65%.

Contracted teachers shall contribute to the labor pension fund in accordance with the Labor Pension Act; those who do not meet the requirements for contributing to the fund shall receive severance in accordance with the regulations on separation payments for contracted employees of government agencies and public schools.



11. For contracted teachers, the term of employment, contract termination or suspension, teaching hours, remuneration standard, leave, benefits, insurance, retirement, solatium, and other rights and obligations shall be specified in their contract in the format attached. When necessary, the donation income management unit may establish a separate contract of its own if a contract teacher is paid using the donation income. Such contracts shall be in effect after review and approval by the University’s Teacher Evaluation Committee.




12. During the employment of a contracted teacher, when the contract must be terminated permanently or suspended temporarily, the termination or suspension shall be handled in accordance with the directions.

During the valid contract term, once a Contracted Teacher is verified to have violated the contract by relevant units, the University may terminate the contract and dismiss the teacher because of his or her unsatisfactory teaching/research capacity, a breach of contract caused by failure to perform obligations, or other misconduct. In addition to returning overpaid remuneration, the Project Teacher may be requested to compensate for damages incurred from the breach of contract.





13. If a contracted teacher is involved in the circumstances prescribed in Items 4 through 6 of Article 6, Paragraph 1, the unit responsible for handling gender equity–related affairs shall submit the teacher’s case to the university faculty review committee for deliberation through administrative processes within three days of being notified or within one month prior to the required extension of a contract suspension.

If a contracted teacher is involved in the circumstances prescribed in Items 7 through 11 of Article 6, Paragraph 1, and the relevant unit deems it necessary to suspend the teacher’s contract during the investigation period or to extend the contract suspension, the teacher’s case shall be submitted to the university faculty review committee for deliberation through administrative processes.



14. Matters not covered by the directions shall be handled in accordance with the Directions, the Procedure Guidelines on the Reporting and Querying of Contracted Employees by Universities, the Labor Pension Act, and other relevant laws. 



15. The appointment of casual or temporary teachers using budget sources other than self-generated income of the University’s endowment fund shall be handled according to the directions.


十六、 本要點經校務會議通過後實施,修正時亦同。

16. The directions have been approved by the University Endowment Fund Management Committee and the University Affairs Committee before implementation. The same shall apply to all amendments to the directions.

※The English translation thereof is for reference only and the Chinese version shall always prevail in case of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English translation thereof.