National Cheng Kung University Implementation Regulations for Commissioning Professional Managers of the University Endowment Fund










第一 條
Article 1
In response to academic affairs development requirements, the Regulations are enacted by the National Cheng Kung University Staff Personnel Expense Payment Directions.

第 二 條
Article 2
The term “professional manager” refers to an individual with professional skills in a certain field who is employed by a University department for the management of specific affairs.

第 三 條
Article 3
The mission of a professional manager is to lead a professional team in creating earnings, increasing revenue, or enhancing operational performance using the funds and resources available to the University within a specific time frame.


第 四 條
Article 4
A professional manager shall be commissioned after a suitable candidate has passed the review of the university endowment fund management committee (hereinafter abbreviated to the “Management Committee”) and obtained further approval following established administrative procedures. The professional manager shall answer to the Personnel Office in matters pertaining to personnel management.


第 五 條
Article 5
The employment of a professional manager shall be contract-based and renewed on a yearly basis.
Upon completion of a full year of service, professional managers shall have their work or service performance and target achievements evaluated as the basis for determining contract renewal and salary increase (or decrease) eligibility. The salary grade of professional managers after any salary increases (or decreases) is determined by work performance.


第 六 條
Article 6
During the term of a contract, professional managers shall accept supervision and work assignments from the supervisor to whom they are subordinate, shall comply with gender equality regulations and other relevant University regulations, and shall perform their professional duties in an impartial and in abidance with the law. Any violation of these conditions may result in immediate dismissal of the professional manager.


第 七 條
Article 7
The commissioning of a professional manager shall observe the principles of fairness, openness, and impartiality. The position’s qualifications and remuneration shall be prescribed separately and approved by the Management Committee and by the University’s Administrative Meeting.
A departmental head’s spouse or relatives of the third degree of kinship, by blood or by marriage, shall not be commissioned as professional managers in the respective department or in affiliated agencies. The spouse and relative of the third degree of kinship or higher, by blood or by marriage, of any individual holding a departmental management position shall also be recused in the respective department.
A professional manager who generates income, increases revenue, or enhances the operational performance of the University is entitled to a bonus. The rules, sum, and timing of the bonus’s issuance shall be prescribed independently by the department in which the professional manager is employed and shall be approved by the Management Committee.
Individuals who fall under any of the circumstances referred to in Article 3 of the National Cheng Kung University Work Regulations for Temporary Employees may not be recruited as Professional Managers.


第 八 條




Article 8

The work hours of a professional manager shall not exceed 8 hours per day and shall not exceed 40 hours per week. However, NCKU may adopt rotating shifts or adjust the working and resting hours by mutual agreement based on operational needs.

If NCKU requests professional manager to extend their working hours due to operational needs, professional manager shall complete the overtime application procedure in advance. Salaries for the extended working hours shall not be paid if professional manager agrees to take compensatory leave as substitute.

The leaves of a professional manager shall abide by the provisions of the Labor Standards Act, the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, the Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers, and relevant regulations established by the University. A professional manager on an official trip is entitled to apply for reimbursement of travel expenses comparable to that for which official school employees of the same employment grade are eligible.

A professional manager is entitled to the pursuit of further education or training, which does not hinder the execution of their duties, during their leisure time or during their paid or unpaid leave; the head of the department in which the professional manager is employed shall be informed in advance of the intention to pursue such education or training.


第 九 條
Article 9

During the term of a labor contract, a professional manager without the University’s written consent may not hold a concurrent position or from lecturing inside or outside of the University.


第 十 條
Article 10

A professional manager wishing to leave their position before the fulfillment of a contract term shall submit a written application in accordance with Article 9 of the Temporary Personnel Work Regulations of NCKU and complete their resignation formalities. NCKU may claim for compensation if the personnel fail to submit the application within the prescribed period and cause damages to NCKU.


Article 11

A professional manager shall be enrolled for Labor Insurance, occupational accident insurance, National Health Insurance, and Labor Pension as per relevant regulations. For Labor Insurance, National Health Insurance, and Labor Pensions, any partial payment, premium, or reserve fund for which the employer is liable shall be drawn from the personnel expense budget of the department in which the professional manager is employed.


Article 12
A professional manager is entitled to the following benefits during the term of the labor contract:
1. The University’s employee ID badge and vehicle pass.
2. Access to public facilities such as the Library, the Computer and Network Center, and sports grounds (per the University’s regulations).
3. Other benefits granted in special cases.


Article 13
A professional manager shall enter into a labor contract with the University. The contract shall specify terms and remuneration for the professional manager as well as rights and responsibilities of the contracting parties in matters including work hours, leave-taking, performance evaluation, rewards and penalties, benefits, retirement, severance, compensation for occupational hazards, reporting for service, and resignation.


Article 14
For matters not covered in these Regulations, the National Cheng Kung University Work Regulations for Temporary Employees, the Labor Standards Act, the Labor Pension Act, the Directions for the Reporting and Inquiry of Contracted School Employees, and other relevant laws and regulations shall apply.


Article 15
These Regulations are implemented upon approval by the Management Committee and the University’s Administrative Meeting. The same procedure applies to any subsequent amendments.

※The English translation thereof is for reference only and the Chinese version shall always prevail in case of any inconsistency between the Chinese version and the English translation thereof.