National Cheng Kung University Directions on Application of Temporary Workers

96 年 10 月 23 日第 644 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 644th Administrative Council Meeting on October 23, 2007

97 年 01 月 23 日第 649 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 649th Administrative Council Meeting on January 23, 2008

97 年 05 月 21 日第 656 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 656th Administrative Council Meeting on May 21,2008 

99 年 09 月 15 日第 694 次主管會報修正通過

 Approved at the 694th Administrative Council Meeting on September 15, 2010

101 年 02 月 08 日第 720 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 720th Administrative Council Meeting on February 8, 2012

103 年 05 月 07 日第 764 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 764th Administrative Council Meeting on May 7, 2014

105 年 05 月 11 日第 794 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 794th Administrative Council Meeting on May 11, 2016

106 年 05 月 24 日第 804 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 804th Administrative Council Meeting on May 24, 2017

106 年 07 月 19 日第 805 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 805th Administrative Council Meeting on July 19, 2017

108 年 04 月 17 日第 816 次主管會報修正通過

Approved at the 816th Administrative Council Meeting on April 17, 2019

第一條 國立成功大學各單位申請進用臨時工,應依本要點核實辦理。

Article 1. All units of National Cheng Kung University should hire temporary workers in accordance with these directions.


第二條 臨時工以每週六訂為休息日,週日訂為例假日。但另有協議者,得依勞動基準法規定調

整之。 休息日以不出勤為原則,但計畫主持人或用人單位事前核准則不在此限。每月加班合計 時數,不得超過四十六小時。

Article 2. Temporary workers will have Saturdays as flexible rest day and Sundays as mandatory day off. If there is another agreement on off days, it may be adjusted in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. Temporary workers do not work on flexible rest day unless approved by the Principal Investigator or employer in advance. The total overtime hours of a temporary worker shall not exceed 46 hours per month.


第三條 申請臨時工應提前申請,於核准後開始執行,並於工作當月之次月內完成經費核銷手續。

Article 3. The employment of temporary workers shall be applied for in advance and implemented after approval. The procedures for reimbursement of expenses shall be completed within the following month of the commencement of the employment.


第四條 經核定進用科技部計畫、產學合作計畫之專、兼任助理,如欲變更為臨時工,用人單位

(計畫主持人)須填具執行委託或補助計畫經費流用申請表,循行政程序辦理。 前項規定,經費補助或委託機關(構)另有規定者,從其規定。

Article 4. If the full-time or part-time assistant hired under the Ministry of Science and Technology project, industry-university cooperation project is to be employed as a temporary worker, the employer (the Principal Investigator) shall fill out the application form for the fund virement of the entrustment or subsidy project and go through the administrative procedure.

Where the provisions of the preceding paragraph are otherwise stipulated by the funding or the entrusting party, such provisions shall prevail.


第五條 臨時工出勤以每日八小時為限,出勤四小時,應至少休息三十分鐘,工作後於出勤紀錄 表覈實填寫工作內容及時間(須填至分鐘),每週不得超過四十小時。 外國人留學生、僑生及華裔學生,除寒暑假外,每週工作時數,以二十小時為限。

Article 5. Temporary workers shall work for a maximum of 8 hours per day. They shall work for 4 hours and rest for at least 30 minutes. Temporary workers should record the work content and time (in minutes) on the attendance record after work. Working hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week. The working hours of foreign students, overseas Chinese and Chinese students are limited to 20 hours per week except for summer and winter vacations.


第六條 下列人員不得申請為臨時工:








Article 6. The following persons may not be temporary workers:

(1)     Military, public and teaching personnel and certified personnel of the University (including technicians, workers and drivers)

(2)     Contract employees of the University

(3)     Full-time assistants and researchers of the program

(4)     Part-time employee-based assistants

(5)     Applicants of the Office of Student Affairs or library scholarship

(6)     The spouse, blood relatives by blood and relatives by marriage within three generation of the Principal Investigator (including co-investigator) or the head of the employing unit

(7)     Learning-oriented assistants under the same program


第七條 用人單位或計畫主持人應於臨時工到職時,依「勞工保險條例」、「就業保險法」、「全民健康保險法」、「勞工退休金條例」等規定,主動至人事室申辦加保(轉入)、提繳勞工退 休金,並向環境保護暨安全衛生中心繳交勞工一般體格健康檢查報告相關資料。聘約期滿或中途離職時,亦應主動申辦退保(轉出)及停繳勞工退休金。臨時工應自行負擔保費及自提勞工退休金,除有特殊情形外,皆由本校每月自薪資中代為扣繳。未依第一項規定辦理,衍生補繳費用或違反相關法令規定而受裁罰者,概由計畫主持人或用人單位自行負責。

Article 7. When a temporary worker arrives at work, the employer or Principal Investigator shall go to Personnel Office to apply for insurance (enrollment) and pension contributions according to the Labor Insurance Act, the Employment Insurance Act, the National Health Insurance Act, the Labor Pension Act and other regulations and submit the general physical examination report to the ESH Center. At the end of the term of employment or when the temporary worker resigns, the employer or principal investigator should also apply for withdrawal (transfer) and suspension of pension contributions. Temporary workers are responsible for their own insurance premiums and pension contributions, which will be deducted from their salaries except in special circumstances. In case of failure to comply with the provisions of the first paragraph, the employer or principal investigator shall be liable for the expenses arising therefrom, or shall be fined for violating relevant laws and regulations.


第八條 申請臨時工時,應檢附申請書、契約書、學生證、身分證影本或工作證影本。如為各類研 究計畫下之臨時工申請,應一併檢附核定清單或經費預算表。

Article 8. A copy of the application form, contract, student ID card, ID card or employee ID card should be attached when applying for temporary employment. For temporary workers under research projects, a list of approved grants or budget should be attached.


第九條 申請書核定後,正本由申請單位自行留存,並於報支臨時工薪資時,檢附申請書影本及出 勤紀錄表。前項相關資料用人單位或計畫主持人應留存五年。

Article 9. After the application is approved, the original document shall be retained by the applicant. Copies of application form and attendance record should be attached when claiming temporary workers' wages. The employer or the Principal Investigator shall keep the relevant document mentioned in the preceding paragraph for five years.


第十條 臨時工之聘期、時(日)數或計酬方式等,如有異動,用人單位或計畫主持人應事先提出。 若須調整次月薪資級距,須於當月底前提送,並檢具原申請書辦理;級距之調整,自次 月起生效,不得追溯。

Article 10. In the event of any change in the employment period, number of hours (days) or way of calculating remuneration for temporary workers, the employer or the Principal Investigator shall propose in advance. If the salary level of the following month needs to be adjusted, it should be raised before the end of the current month with the original application. The adjustment shall take effect from the next month and shall not be retroactive.


第十一條 外籍人士(包含外國留學生、僑生、港澳生)申請臨時工,應事先取得工作證,始得 為之。

Article 11. Foreign nationals (including foreign, overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao students) who apply for temporary work shall obtain a work permit in advance.


第十二條 臨時工最低支薪標準,依據勞動部公告為之。但野外採集、從事危險爆炸性等工作之 酬勞標準,得酌予提高。前項支薪標準,如經費補助或委託方另有規定者,從其規定。

Article 12. The minimum wage for temporary workers is set by the notice of Ministry of Labor. However, the standard of remuneration for field gathering, dangerous and explosive work may be raised. If the funding or entrusting party has other stipulations on the salary standard mentioned in the preceding paragraph, such stipulations shall prevail.


第十三條 本要點經主管會報通過,陳請校長核定後實施,修正時亦同。

Article 13. These directions shall be approved by the Administrative Council Meeting and implemented with the President’s approval, and shall be amended in the same manner.