National Cheng Kung University Directions for Governing the Ministry of Science and Technology Subsidy for College and University Research Rewarding

107.9.12 第 812 次主管會報修正通過

Amended in the 812nd Supervisory Meeting on Sep. 12, 2018

一、國立成功大學(以下簡稱本校)為審核推薦本校編制內特殊優秀專任教師及研究人員, 依據科技部「補助大專校院研究獎勵作業要點」規定,特訂定本要點。

These directions are enacted for National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter “the University”) to review and recommend outstanding permanent full-time faculty members and research fellows of the University in accordance with the Directions Governing the Subsidy for College and University Research Rewarding, which were developed by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

二、本要點適用對象,為本校編制內特殊優秀專任教學研究人員。所稱特殊優秀專任教學研 究人員,係指學術研究、產學研究或跨領域研究之績效傑出者,惟不含教學績優傑出人 員、行政績效卓著人員及軍公教退休人員。適用對象並應符合下列規範:


(二)如為前一年 8 月 1 日以後聘任人員,須為國內第一次聘任,不得為自國內公私立大 專校院或學術研究機關(構)延攬之人員。


Eligible subjects are outstanding full-time faculty members and research fellows of the University with excellent performance in academic research, industry–academia collaboration research projects, and interdisciplinary research, excluding personnel with outstanding performance in teaching and administrative work, and retired military, public, and teaching personnel. Eligible subjects must satisfy the following conditions:

(1) Have executed an MOST-subsidized research project within 1 year prior to the date of the subsidy.

(2) For personnel appointed after August 1 of the year before subsidization, they must be employed for the first time domestically. Personnel recruited from other domestic colleges, universities, or academic research institutes are excluded from the subsidy.

(3) If the person is temporarily transferred to another unit, they cannot receive research rewards from the University and transferred unit simultaneously.

三、本獎勵金支給標準,分為七個等級,依科技部核定經費情形,酌予調整。 為強化對新聘任優秀教學研究人員之保障,對本校新聘任三年內且執行科技部計畫之計 畫主持人,教授級、副教授級、助理教授級之獎勵對象,其獎勵額度每人每月各不得低 於八萬元、六萬元、三萬元。但此類獎勵對象應符合下列資格之一: (一)非曾任或非現任國內學術研究機構編制內之專任教學、研究人員。 (二)正式納編前五年間均任職於國外學術研究機構。

The payment standards of this cash reward are divided into seven levels, which are adjusted according to the amount of MOST funds granted. To ensure the rights of newly employed outstanding faculty members and research fellows, the principal investigators of MOST projects who have been employed by the University for less than 3 years and hold the position of Professor, Associate Professor, or Assistant Professor shall receive no less than NT$80,000, 60,000, and 30,000 of reward per person per month, respectively, if they are granted it. However, the rewarded subjects must meet at least one of the following criteria: (1) have never been to or do not currently serve as a permanent full-time faculty member or research fellow for domestic and international academic research institutes, or (2) have worked in an overseas academic research institute for the 5 years prior to accepting official employment by the University.

四、獎勵補助名額:依各學院專任教師、研究人員人數及前一年度科技部專題研究計畫經費 額度之比例,由研究發展處(下稱「研發處」)分配之。

Reward quota: The reward quota will be determined by the Office of Research and Development (hereinafter “the R&D Office”) according to the proportion of the number of full-time faculty members and research fellows in each college to the amount of MOST research project funds granted in the previous year.

五、審查基準:由研發處提供學術及研究表現績效評量項目,各學院自訂審查標準及審查機 制,甄選出特殊優秀教學研究人員,送研發處彙辦後,提送審查委員會審議通過,陳請 校長核定後,始得支給獎勵。

Review standards: The R&D Office shall specify the evaluation items of academic and research performance, and each college shall develop their own review standards and mechanisms, with which special and outstanding faculty members and research fellows shall be selected. The list is sent to the R&D Office to be compiled and submitted to a Review Committee for examination. The result will be reported to the President for final approval, only after which can the reward be paid.


Application deadline: The colleges shall submit relevant information to the R&D Office before the announced deadline; no late submissions will be accepted.

七、獲核定獎勵教學研究人員,應於獎勵期間結束二個月前,繳交執行績效報告,以作為日後評估參考。執行績效報告應包括學術研究、實務應用研究、跨領域研究、產學研究 或國際合作等面向之績效。

Faculty members and research fellows who have been granted the reward shall submit a performance report 2 months before the end of the rewarding period to serve as a reference for future evaluation. The execution performance report shall include performance on aspects such as academic research, practical application research, interdisciplinary research, industry–academia research, and international collaboration.

八、本要點所需經費,由科技部補助款支應,如未獲補助,本獎勵金即停止發放。補助期間 自當年度 8 月 1 日至翌年 7 月 31 日止。

The money required under these Directions shall be paid by MOST subsidy. If no subsidy is obtained, the cash reward shall cease to be delivered. The term of subsidy starts from August 1 of the current year to July 31 of the following year.


Matters which not specified in the Directions shall be handled in accordance with the MOST Directions Governing Research Reward Subsidies for Colleges and Universities.




Applicants can only receive one of the following (whichever has the highest prize), and cannot receive the same prize twice. If a difference in reward occurs, the University shall provide compensation.

(1) Reward provided according to these Directions.

(2) Other existing rewards provided by the University, including the National Cheng Kung University Regulations Governing Chair Establishment, Directions for Distinguished Chair Establishment, Directions for Selecting Faculty Members with Excellent and Outstanding Teaching Performance, Directions for Selecting Faculty Members with Outstanding Teaching Performance in General Education Courses, Implementation Directions for Rewarding and Appointing Faculty Members with Outstanding and Distinguished Consultation Performance, and Directions for Rewarding and Appointing Faculty Members with Distinguished Performance in Promoting Industry–Academia Collaboration.


The Directions shall come into force after their approval in a Supervisory Meeting and by the President. Furthermore, any amendments shall be approved in a Supervisory Meeting and by the President.



These regulations were translated from the original Chinese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese always takes precedence.