National Cheng Kung University Regulations on Student Gift Aid


Approved at the fifth University Council Meeting of the 2010 academic year on June 29, 2011


Amended and approved at the postponed fourth University Council Meeting of the 2011 academic year on July 10, 2012


Approved at the fourth University Council Meeting of the 2019 academic year on June 10, 2020


Approved at the fourth University Council Meeting of the 2020 academic year on June 9, 2021

第一條  國立成功大學(以下簡稱本校)為結合校園及社會各界力量,協助本校家境困難學子安心就學,順利完成學業,特訂定本辦法。

Article 1.   National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) promulgated the National Cheng Kung University Regulations on Student Gift Aid (hereinafter referred to as “these Regulations”) to help students with financial difficulties complete their studies in the University by utilizing on- and off-campus resources.


第二條 本辦法所需經費來源與使用,以社會大眾各方捐贈金額及其孳息部分為限。

Article 2.   The funding sources and use stipulated in these Regulations are subject to donations from the public and are fructus derived.


第三條  為妥善保管及使用前條經費,本校特組成「安心就學濟助管理委員會」(以下簡稱本委員會)。本委員會置委員七人,由學生事務長、教務長、財務長、生活輔導組組長、教師代表一人及學生代表二人組成,由學生事務長擔任召集人,並為會議主席。教師代表由本校教師會推派、學生代表由學生會推派大學部一人及研究所一人,任期一年,得連任之。

Article 3.   To ensure appropriate maintenance and use of said funds, the University established the Management Committee of Student Gift Aid (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”). The Committee comprises seven members, namely the Vice President for Student Affairs, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Vice President for Finance, the Director of the Student Assistance Division, a teacher, and two students. The Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the meeting convener and chair. The teacher shall be assigned by the University’s teacher union. The two students, one an undergraduate and the other a graduate student, shall be assigned by the students’ union. The members’ tenure is 1 year, and they are allowed to serve consecutive terms.


第四條 本委員會任務如下:





Article 4.   The missions of the Committee are as follows:

1. review funding applications

2. supervise the operations and businesses of said funds

3. develop and amend relevant regulations

4. process relevant matters.


第五條   依本辦法申請安心就學濟助方案(下稱本方案)之申請人應符合下列條件:





Article 5.    Students eligible to apply for the Student Gift Aid Program (hereinafter referred to as “the Program” in accordance with these Regulations must fulfill the following requirements:

1. The student must be a national of the Republic of China with household registration and a student of the University. However, students of in-service master’s programs are not allowed to apply for the Program.

2. The student’s household annual income shall not exceed exemptions, the students with special difficulties are not subject to the limitation.

3. The student must have no misconduct records.

4. When applying for the Program for the second time or for subsequent applications,

the undergraduate applicants shall have received an average score of at least 65 during the previous semester, whereas the graduate applicants shall have received an average score of at least 75 for the previous semester. However, those who fail to achieve said requirements may be exempted if they are able to provide certification of improvement in grades or in relevant performance with supporting evidence from their advisors.


第六條    申請人有下列情形者,應優先考量核定:



Article 6.  The following applicants shall be prioritized:

1. Students who remain incapable of affording living costs despite their applications for education loans being approved by the Ministry of Education.

2. Students from low-income families excelling in intramural and extramural services or student club activities.


第七條 學生事務處生活輔導組於每年2月1日及8月1日起公告並受理申請,申請人最遲應於每學期開學後2週內、新生得於開學後3週內提出申請。

Article 7. The Division will separately announce application procedures for the Scholarship by February 1 and August 1. All applicants must submit their applications to the Student Assistance Division of the Office of Student Affairs within 2 weeks after a semester begins. New students must submit their applications within 3 weeks after a semester begins.


第八條 申請人申請本方案時,應將家庭經濟狀況與事由敘明,預估當學期所需之生活費。申請人提出之申請金額,每月不得逾新臺幣壹萬元。

Article 8.  The application shall comprise descriptions of family financial status and reasons for application as well as the amount of subsidy calculated based on expected living expenses for the semester in question. The subsidy must not exceed NT$10,000 per month.


第九條   本委員會得視經費多寡,保留本方案之核定金額及名額,不受申請人申請之拘束。

Article 9.  According to the fund availability, the Committee reserves the right to determine the subsidy amount and the number of aid receivers and shall not be subject to the applications of Program applicants.


第十條    本方案以學生為申請人。申請人如為未成年人時,應得法定代理人之同意。

Article 10.  Program applicants must be students. Underage applicants shall obtain the consent of their parents or legal representative.


第十一條 申請本方案者,應由申請人填具申請書,經與班導師或指導教授晤談、記錄並陳送系(所)主任及院長核閱後,再提交本委員會審理。

Article 11.  Applicants of the Program must complete the application form in person, discuss such matters with their class or thesis advisors, record the discussion content, and submit the application to the department (graduate institute) chair and college dean concerned for review before submitting said application to the Committee.


第十二條 本方案之申請人應檢附下列文件:








Article 12.  Applicants shall submit the following documents:

1.  application form

2.  cover photocopy of the applicant’s passbook issued by the University-designated financial institutions

3.  transcript of the household registration for the entire family issued within 3 months prior to the application date

4. list of previous year’s annual individual income tax and data on various incomes of all family members issued by the relevant national taxation bureau

5. letter of undertaking of Student Gift Aid granted by the University

6. transcript for previous studies (first-time applicants are exempted)

7. certificate of outstanding performance in intramural, extramural, or student club activities or documents conducive to successful application.


第十三條 本方案申請經本委員會審定通過後,以電子郵件方式通知申請人,並按月撥付至申請人之帳戶。


Article 13.  After the application is approved by the Committee, the applicant will receive an email notice, and their subsidies will be transferred to their account on a monthly basis.

Should the applicant receive a minor demerit or more serious punishment and not undertake campus services as compensation, the University will terminate the subsidy grant in the next month after the date of termination approval.


第十四條 獲本方案濟助之學生,於將來有經濟能力時,應以不定期與不定額指定捐款方式,捐還本校。

Article 14.  Students receiving subsidies through the Program may be allowed to repay the Gift Aid subsidies in a lump sum or in installments (in amounts and at intervals of their choosing) to the University.


第十五條  如遇社會重大事故或急難之情形,得經本委員會同意後勻支相關經費補助學生緊急紓困金,申請學生需符合本辦法第五條第一項第(一)、(二)款之規定。

Article 15.  In the event of major social accidents or emergencies, the relevant funds may be absorbed by the Committee after the approval of the Committee to subsidize the emergency relief funds for students. Applicants must comply with the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) of Article 5 of these Regulations.


第十六條 本辦法經校務會議通過後施行,修正時亦同。

Article 15.  These Regulations and subsequent amendments come into effect upon approval by the University Council.


( These regulations were translated from the original Chinese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese always takes precedence. )