NCKU Guidelines for Medical Examination Requirements and Health Checks of Students

Approved by the special executive committee meeting of the 2021 Academic Year on August 11, 2021

In order to improve and  implement student health examinations and disease prevention, as well as to maintain the school’s health, National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as “NCKU”) enacts these guidelines in accordance with the School Health Act and Implementation Regulations Governing Student Health Examinations.

Terms herein are defined as follows:

(一)   本校新生:大學部新生、碩博士新生、復學生及轉學生。
NCKU freshmen: incoming undergraduates, incoming master’s/doctoral students, readmitted students and  transfer students.

(二)   本校境外學生:外籍生、僑陸生及港澳生。
NCKU international students: Foreign students, Overseas and Mainland Chinese students, and Hong Kong/Macau students.

NCKU freshmen shall undergo a health examination at their own expense when being admitted to NCKU and submit their report regarding the qualified health examination completed by a medical institution recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor within the prescribed time limit during the public announcement period.

Students of other year levels may decide whether to undergo a health examination at their own discretion.


The freshman health examination report shall consist of the NCKU Health Examination Record Card and other entries prescribed by NCKU, as published by the Health Center of the Center for Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection (hereinafter referred to as the “Health Center”) each year. If necessary, NCKU may perform a special health examination or specific disease examination on the students, in whole or in part, upon prior approval of the Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Committee, and ask them to provide related examination certificates.

NCKU international students shall complete the health examination prescribed by laws and the freshman health examination required by NCKU at one of the designated and recognized foreigner health examination hospitals announced by the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare (hereinafter referred to as “TCDC”) within the statutory time limit, in order to obtain their student ID card.


Chinese language program students, international students who have studied in Taiwan for no more than three months, and overseas students, Hong Kong & Macau students, and Mainland Chinese students who have studied in Taiwan for no more than two months shall complete the chest X-ray check (valid within one month) at the designated and recognized foreigner health examination hospitals announced by TCDC, and then submit the check report to the Health Center for admission.

The students who apply  leave of absence but retain their student status immediately after admission and, therefore, fail to complete the health examination for the given academic year, shall complete the health examination when resuming their student ID.

The freshmen shall complete the health examination within the prescribed time limit and submit their health examination report to the Health Center to claim their student ID cards.

The Health Center shall be responsible for planning and performing the annual health examination for NCKU students.


NCKU shall take the following actions against those found outside of the health standards based on their health examination results:

(一)   一般疾病或異常:實施健康指導,輔導學生對異常項目進行轉介複查及適當矯治,提供電話諮詢或衛教單張等。
General diseases and health issues: Provide health guidance, guide students to arrange treatment referrals and adequate corrections, and provide counseling services via phone or a health education leaflet.

(二)   罹患特殊、重大疾病或嚴重異常:個別通知該生儘速至醫療院所複檢及治療,妥適安排其參與之活動,並予追蹤管理。
Suffering from special/critical disease or significant health issues: Inform students individually to double check and receive treatment at a hospital/medical institution immediately, arrange adequate activities to be participated in by the students, and follow up and help manage the student’s affairs.

(三)   感染或患有法定公告傳染病:由本校相關單位配合所在地之衛生機關進行疫調等相關措施,並予追蹤管理。
Contracting or suffering from notifiable infectious disease: NCKU's related unit shall work with the local health authority to conduct an outbreak investigation, follow-up, and management.

The student health examination record card and health-related data shall be maintained in the following manners:

(一)   除重大傷病及法定傳染病護理紀錄應保存15年外,學生體檢(測)、健康基本資料及傷病護理紀錄應保存5年,所有健康資料應予保密。但因教學、輔導或醫療等之需要,依個人資料保護法或其他法律規定提供者,不在此限。
The critical injury/disease and notifiable infectious disease treatment record shall be retained for 15 years. The student physical examination (checkup), health profile and injury/disease treatment records shall be retained for 5 years. All of the health data shall be kept in confidence, unless under the circumstances provided pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act or other laws to satisfy the needs for teaching, counseling or medical treatment.

(二)   針對健康檢查及矯治結果,本校應予記錄並建檔、統計,必要時知會相關人員共同維護受檢者之健康安全,並依健康檢查結果辦理學生健康促進活動。
NCKU will record, document, and gather statistics for health examination and correction results. If necessary, it will also notify the related personnel to maintain the examinees’ health safety jointly and organize student health promotion activities based on the health examination results.

In order to maintain public safety and health in the school and the health of students residing in campus dormitories, the health examination of these students living on campus shall be completed according to NCKU’s related accommodation rules.

These guidelines are to be enforced following approval by the Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Protection Committee and executive meeting. The same shall apply to their revisions.

These regulations were translated from the original Chinese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese always takes precedence.