Directions for Purchase, Rental and Use of University Vehicles of National Cheng Kung University


Approved at the 149th administrative meeting on April 21, 2004


Approved for reference by Letter Tai-Gao-(3)-Zi No. 0940142288 of the Ministry of Education on October 25, 2005


Amended and approved at the 152nd administrative meeting on November 16, 2005


Amended and approved at the 1st University Endowment Fund Management Committee meeting on October 08, 2010 in the 2010 academic year


Amended and approved at the 162nd administrative meeting on November 24, 2010


Amended and approved at the 2nd University Endowment Fund Management Committee meeting on March 19, 2015 in the 2014 academic year


Amended and approved at the 176th administrative meeting on May 13, 2015


1. The Directions are established pursuant to Article 6 of the Directions on Income and Expenditure Management of the Endowment Fund of National Cheng Kung University to save energy and control the use of vehicles effectively.


2. Except as otherwise specified in the rules and regulations, the purchase, replacement, and rental of university vehicles shall be subject to the Directions.


3. NCKU purchases or rents vehicles using the budgets pursuant to the Budget Act. The “Operation Directions Governing the Purchase and Rental of Vehicles for the Agencies and Schools under the Central Government” shall be applied mutatis mutandis to such vehicles, whether for administration or other university affairs.


4. Purchase or rental of vehicles funded with the income sources of donation, management of on-site equipment, continuing education, cooperative education, and investment shall be submitted to the Endowment Fund Management Committee of the university for review and approval before they are performed. The college, department, and center shall deal with such purchase and rental accordingly.


5. University vehicles shall be purchased in accordance with the standards indicated in the general budget of the central government for government vehicles. The standards contain the equipment needed for these vehicles and no purchase shall be performed beyond the scope specified in these standards.


6. New purchase of general sedans for the university shall be performed pursuant to relevant rules and regulations. Special vehicles shall be purchased depending on their functions and applications.


7. Vehicles shall be purchased or rented in accordance with the relevant directions of the Government Procurement Act. Purchases or rentals that can be dealt with collectively shall be subject to the directions of a joint supply contract. This shall not be an excuse for the arrangement of additional drivers.


8. Except for the car assigned to the President under his/her direct arrangement, a unit that needs a vehicle for university affairs shall file an application prior to an appropriate period of time (1 day before for use outside the city or 2 hours before for use in the city), and shall use the vehicle only after the head of the unit affixes his/her signature or seal and the head of the Office of General Affairs approves the application. The purpose, route, and destination shall not be changed after the approval. If any change is needed, an application for such change shall be filed separately in advance.


9. The time for use in the city area shall be as short as possible. If the vehicle needs to be parked outside the university for a prolonged period of time (more than 1 hour), it shall return to the university and then be driven to the place at the time as agreed to pick up the passenger. The time to use the vehicle as indicated in the application shall be observed strictly to avoid affecting the availability to other users. In case of an emergency, the unit may coordinate with the Office of General Affairs (General Service Division) for use of the vehicle first and submission of the application later.


10. Application for university vehicles with reasons such as visits, excursions, trips, or other excuses irrelevant to university affairs is not allowed. However, the vehicle management unit may take the circumstances into consideration and consent to the application if the vehicle is needed for foreign guests to pay a visit related to university affairs.


11. The driver and the user (borrower) shall follow the traffic safety rules and keep the interior of the vehicle clean. The user (borrower) shall not ask the driver to drive in violation of the traffic safety rules such as speeding and running red lights.


12. The vehicle management unit (General Service Division) shall recommend the sequence of use depending on the order of priority with respect to the application of the using (borrowing) units and the significance of the tasks. It may suggest using the vehicle jointly in case the routes are the same.


13. After carrying out the task, the user shall confirm the mileage indicated on the odometer and sign the vehicle dispatch form to prove such mileage. This form will be used as a basis for calculation of the fuel at the end of the month.


14. For university vehicles rented or purchased in accordance with Article 4 of the Directions, the type, amount, and purpose of the vehicles, as well as the source of funds for the rental or purchase, shall be recorded in the relevant forms for inspection by the responsible unit.


15. The person responsible for safekeeping of the university vehicles shall check the maintenance of the vehicles from time to time. Where any vehicle needs to be repaired at the service shop, the responsible person shall apply to the management unit (General Service Division) and shall have the vehicle repaired only after the application is approved.


16. University vehicles shall be driven to the service shop for regular maintenance once every 5000 kilometers.


17. University vehicles shall be inspected regularly by the management unit (General Service Division) once every month and be subject to inspection whenever necessary. The inspections shall be recorded to provide a basis for evaluation of the driver and ensure the service life of the vehicles.


18. The management unit (General Service Division) shall calculate the fuel for each vehicle at the end of the month based on the mileage recorded in the vehicle dispatch form of each driver.


19. The Directions and any amendments thereto shall take effect upon review at the University Endowment Fund Management Committee and approval at the administration meeting.