National Cheng Kung University Directions for Handling Campus Incidents





108.1.9 第194次行政會議通過



1.  National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as NCKU) has established the Directions according to Ministry of Education official letter coded as Tai(83)- Hsun, No. 049698, dated September 10, 1994 and Tai(90)-Dian-Zi, No. 90058258, dated May 1, 2001 as well as Regulations Governing Safety and Sanitary Protection of Civil Service.



2.  To master information and development trends of campus incidents and take effective measures to maintain the safety of the campus, staff and students, NCKU has established the Campus Incident Handling Group (hereinafter referred to as the Group).



(一)   自然災害:如颱風、地震、水災等非人為因素且無法完全預防之事件,對校園及人員可能造成嚴重傷害者。

(二)   意外事故:如交通事故、山難、火災、實驗室災害、急性疫病傳染、集體食物中毒、建築物倒塌等,無法預知且對人員造成嚴重傷害者。

(三)   犯罪事件:包括本校人員為嫌犯及受害人之狀況,如竊盜、械鬥、師生倫理違常、傷害等;或因而導致檢、警、調人員進入校園者。

(四)   自傷事件:包括嚴重之情緒困擾、身心狀況適應不良、自殘與自殺行為等。

(五)   抗議陳情事件:校內外人員自行集會、遊行或進行抗爭、抗議等活動,足以影響校園秩序者。

(六)   校園性別事件:包括校園性侵害、性騷擾及性霸凌等行為。

(七)  本校勞工執行職務遭受不法侵害事件:包括職場暴力及職場不法侵害行為等。

(八)  重大資安事件:如入侵或破壞本校資訊系統等。

(九)  其他事件:可能引起媒體關注並擴大效應,足以影響學校聲譽者。

3.  Campus incident in the Directions refers to the following events or events likely to happen:

(1)   Natural disasters: For example, typhoons, earthquakes, floods and other non-human factors that cannot be completely prevented and may cause serious harm to the campus and personnel.

(2)   Accidents: Accidents are unpredictable and cause serious harm to people. For example, traffic accidents, mountain accidents, fires, laboratory accidents, acute epidemics, outbreaks of collective food poisoning, building collapses.

(3)   Criminal incidents: When the suspects and victims are from NCKU. Incidents include stealing, fighting, ethical violations between teachers and students, and injuries. Or other incidents the cause the prosecution, police and inspection personnel entering the campus.

(4)   Self-injury incidents: Including serious emotional distress, physical and mental problems, self-harm and suicidal behaviors.

(5)   Protest incidents: People both inside and outside the campus gather, march or conduct resistance and protests that may affect the order of campus.

(6)   Sexual incidents: Including sexual assault, sexual harassment, or sexual bullying on campus.

(7)   Incidents of the University's workers suffering from illegal infringement when performing their duties: Including workplace violence and workplace infringement behavior.

(8)   Cyber security incidents: Including hacking or damaging the school's information system.

(9)   Other incidents: Incidents that attract media attention and cause adverse publicity to NCKU.



4.  The Group is composed of Chief Secretary, Dean of Academic Affairs, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of General Affairs, Director of Environmental Protection and Occupational Health Center, Director of Military Training Division, Director of Personnel Office, legal counsellor, Director of News Center and personnel of the units related to the incidents (hereinafter referred to as competent authority). Chief Secretary serves as the convener.



5.   The Group aims at determining the principles for handling campus incidents, developing appropriate solutions and taking necessary measures.


六、校園事件發生後,事發單位應依本校「校園事件通報系統暨處理流程」,  立即向校安中心與相關單位通報;本小組召集人接獲通報後,應視事件性質與實況召集本小組會議,共同研商對策,直至事件處理結束。

6.   After the occurrence of a campus incident, the unit concerned shall immediately notify the Campus Security Report Center and relevant units in accordance with the “Campus Incident Report System and Operating Procedure”. After receiving the notification, the convener of the Group shall convene the meeting according to the nature of the event and actual situation to develop strategies until the event is taken care of.



7.  The Group shall command the competent authority for the implementation of various emergency measures and work with Security Unit and personnel from relevant units if necessary.



8.   As for campus incident mentioned in third point of the Directions, if there is any disturbance to campus peace, order or school operation, the Group or competent authority may ask help from the Security Unit if advise has been made. Depending on the situation, the Group or competent authority may notify the police. Depending on the severity of the violations, it shall be handled by competent authority according to administrative producers.



9.   Chief Secretary is responsible for external liaison work. Press will be released by the News Center. Competent authority is in charge of the administrative affairs of the Group and the Secretarial Office shall assist.


十、本校校園事件之連絡地點設於校安中心(軍訓室,電話:五五五五五、二三八一一八七),應備紀錄簿記載各種事件狀況,並立即向本小組召集人報告。夜間、  假日或下班後之連絡地點設於校安中心(軍訓室,電話:五五五五五、二三八一一八七),應備紀錄簿記載各種狀況,並負責向本小組召集人報告。

10.      The contact location of the campus incident is located at the Campus Security Report Center (Military Training Division, Tel: 55555, 2381187). A record book shall be prepared to record the status of various incidents and report to the convener of the Group immediately. The contact location at night, holiday or after work is set at the Campus Security Report Center (Military Training Division, Tel: 55555, 2381187). A record book shall be prepared to record the status of various incidents and report to the convener of the Group immediately.


十一、   本要點經行政會議通過後實施,修正時亦同。

11.      The Directions shall be approved by the meeting of the Administrative Council before taking effect. Any amendments shall be processed accordingly.