National Cheng Kung University Implemental Guidelines on Chen-Xi Scholarship


Approved at the 789th meeting of the Chief Administrators Council on November 25, 2015

一、   國立成功大學(以下簡稱本校)為協助大學部學生不因家境清寒或突發變故而影響學業,適時提供在學期間之經濟扶助,鼓勵勤奮向學,特設晨曦助學金(以下簡稱本助學金),並訂定本要點。

1.   To mitigate the negative influence of financial difficulties or personal misfortune on the academic performance of students, the National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as “the University”) offers financial aid to students. The University awards the Chen-Xi Scholarship to students from low-income families and students encountering unforeseen events and has promulgated the National Cheng Kung University Regulations on Chen-Xi Scholarship (hereinafter referred to as “the Scholarship”)


二、   本助學金每學期補助名額以三十名為限,所需經費由本校編列年度預算支應。

2.       The Scholarship is offered to a maximum of 30 students per semester, of which expenses are covered by the University’s annual budget.


三、   本助學金補助期間為每一學期,每學期核發四個月,每人每月核發助學金新臺幣(以下同)三千八百元。次學期須另提出申請。

3.       The semester-based Scholarship is granted for 4 months per semester. Each awardee is granted NT$3,800 per month. To continue receiving the Scholarship, awardees must reapply in the subsequent semester.




4.   The Student Assistance Division of the Office of Student Affairs (hereinafter referred to as “the Division”) is responsible for managing businesses related to the Scholarship. The Chen-Xi Scholarship Review Group (hereinafter referred to as “the Review Group”) was established to facilitate reviews and approval for the granting of the Scholarship. The Review Group comprises the Vice President for Student Affairs, the director of the Student Counseling Division, the director of the Military Training Division, and the director of the Division. The Vice President serves as the meeting convener.











5.       Current undergraduate students at the University (excluding students delaying their graduation) who fulfil any one of the following requirements and have received scholarships or any other financial aid in the semester concerned totaling NT$25,000 or less are eligible for Scholarship application:

(1)    Those coming from low-income or mid-income families or from families in hardship

(2)    Those whose family income meets any one of the following conditions:

a.     The total annual family income does not exceed NT$700,000,

b.    the family interest income does not exceed NT$10,000, or

c.     the annual family income from profit-seeking does not exceed NT$50,000.

(3)    Those experiencing financial difficulties caused by domestic events; the authenticity of these events shall be confirmed by the advisor and the department chair through interviews.

The family income stated in the second section of the preceding paragraph refers to the income earned by the applicant and any parents, spouse, unmarried sibling(s), married and cohabitant sibling(s), and grandparent(s) registered at the same residence or cohabiting.

Students making their second or subsequent applications shall have obtained an average score of at least 65 in the previous semester.



6.       Students who have received minor demerits or more serious penalties but have not engaged in campus services as compensation shall not apply for the Scholarship.



7.       The Division will separately announce application procedures for the Scholarship by December of the previous year (for the March–June semester Scholarship applications) and by June of the academic year concerned (for the September–December semester Scholarship applications). Applicants shall provide an application form and relevant documents for review. The form and documents are to be first reviewed by their class advisor and department chair, subsequently reviewed by the Division, and finally reviewed by the Review Group. However, under the circumstances where the number of approved applications is less than 30, the applications may be submitted to the president for ratification without review by the Review Group.










8.       Applicants shall submit the following documents in the specified application period:

(1)    Chen-Xi Scholarship application form

(2)    supporting documents (or official documents) for a low-income household, middle–low income household or family in hardship

(3)    list of previous year’s annual individual income tax and data on various incomes (including property), for all family members, issued by the relevant national taxation bureau

(4)    household registration transcript for all family members issued in the previous 3 months (remarks shall not be omitted)

(5)    transcript for previous studies (first-time applicant exempted)

(6)    cover photocopy of the applicant’s passbook issued by the University-designated financial institutions

(7)    other relevant supporting documents (e.g., certificate of serious illness or disability)







9.       The Review Group assesses applications based on the following criteria:

(1)    recommendation letters from the advisor or department chair

(2)    receipt of scholarships or financial aid received in the semester concerned (applications receiving lower amounts are prioritized)

(3)    family income

(4)    other obstacles to study



10.    The Division shall inform applicants regarding results within 3 days upon receipt of a student’s application. The Division will transfer subsidies to applicants’ accounts, as stated in their applications, on a monthly basis.



11.    Should the Scholarship awardee receive a minor demerit or more serious punishment and fail to undertake campus services as compensation, the University will terminate the subsidy grant in the next month after the date of termination approval. This rule also applies to awardees suspended or dismissed from school.



12.    These Regulations and subsequent amendments come into effect upon approval by the Chief Administrators’ Council.


( These regulations were translated from the original Chinese. In the event of any discrepancies between the two versions, the Chinese always takes precedence. )