NCKU Web Page Management Regulations

103.5.14 第172次行政會議通過

Approved in the 172nd administrative meeting on May 14, 2014

第一條       國立成功大學(以下簡稱本校)為增進本校網頁服務功能與管理機制,提供正確與即時之公開資訊,特依據教育部「臺灣學術網路管理規範」訂定本辦法。

Article 1    For the sake of advancing the service features and management mechanism of web pages of National Cheng Kung University (hereinafter referred to as the “University”) and to provide correct and timely public information, these Regulations are established particularly in compliance with the Taiwan Academic Network Management Directions announced by the Ministry of Education.

第二條       本辦法所稱本校網頁,泛指使用本校資源所建立之網頁,包括:

Article 2     The web pages of the University referred to herein generally indicate those established which utilize resources available at the University, including:


1.     Web pages registered under the University’s domain name (ncku.edu.tw)

二、使用本校 IP 位址之網頁。

2.     Web pages utilizing the University’s IP address


3.     Web pages created through the host or website management platform furnished by the University


4.     Web pages created with the University’s expenditure, the University’s budget sponsorship or program budget acquired in the name of the University

第三條       本校網頁之內容應符合臺灣學術網路支援教學與學術研究活動及教育行政應用服務之目的為原則。

Article 3     Contents of web pages of the University shall fulfill the purpose of the Taiwan Academic Network in supporting teaching and academic research activities and applied educational and administrative services in principle.

第四條       本校網頁管理單位與權責:

Article 4     Units and responsibilities over managing web pages of the University:


1.The layout and contents of the home page of the University (including related links) are to be managed by the University’s “Homepage Management Committee”.



(1)The Homepage Management Committee may authorize respective responsible units to maintain itemized contents on the homepage.

(2)The Directions for Establishing the Homepage Management Committee are to be established by the Computer and Network Center separately and to be submitted to the University’s executive board meeting for approval.


2. Web pages of the respective administrative, teaching, and research units and various none-establishment units, organizations, or clubs shall be created, maintained, and managed by each of the said units. 



(1)Each unit shall assign someone to take charge of managing its web page and provide the contact information on the web page.

(2)Each unit shall periodically review the contents of its web page for accuracy and appropriateness and pay attention to personal information protection.


3.For web pages that are not created by a specific unit, the unit where the person in charge of the web page belongs will be the management unit. In case of improper management or inaction of the management unit, the higher-ranking unit (including the guidance unit or the unit having approved its creation) shall demand correction. Upon failure to accomplish correction by the deadline given in the notification, the said higher-ranking unit or the Computer and Network Center may impose dispositions directly in accordance with Article 6 herein.

第五條       本校網頁之內容不得有下列各情形:

Article 5    Contents of the web pages of the University may not have any of the following:


1. Violating laws and regulations, public order, or good morals


2. Involving the promotion of a specific political group or religious belief which violating the principle of neutrality in the Educational Fundamental Act is a concern.


3.    Involving spreading of rumors or defamation, insults, harassment, threats, and personal attacks


4.    Violating the Ministry of Education’s Taiwan Academic Network Management Directions or the University’s “Campus Network User Directions”.


5.    Other serious conditions which undermined campus order or destruction of the University’s reputation is a concern

第六條       違規處理:

Article 6     Management of violations:


1.    With specific facts of the violation, when needed to address the violation in time, the management unit shall block the connection or delete the non-compliant contents.


2.    The Computer and Network Center or the web page host management unit may be asked to help with measures for such blockage or deletion.

第七條       違規事實有待認定者,管理單位得請本校「網頁內容爭議處理小組」評議認定。網頁內容爭議處理小組由首頁管理委員會主任委員、主任秘書、教務長、學務長、計算機與網路中心主任為當然委員,並由校長指定相關院系主管及法律專長教授各 2人,合計 9 人組成,由首頁管理委員會主任委員擔任召集人,經 5 人以上同意始得作成決議。小組開會可採書面或線上審查,表決得採不計名方式,會議紀錄由秘書室存檔。

Article 7    When facts of violation are pending determination, the management unit may ask the University’s Web Page Content Dispute Management Group to decide and provide the determination. The Web Page Content Dispute Management Group is formed by the Chairman of the Homepage Management Committee, the chief secretary, the dean of academic affairs, the dean of student affairs, and the director of the Computer and Network Center, who are the apparent members, and supervisors from related departments and colleges, and professors specializing in laws, respectively two persons, as designated by the President of the University. There are 9 members in total. The Chairman of the Homepage Management Committee serves as the convener, and a decision may only be made with approval from at least five people. The Group may meet to perform document or online reviews. A secret ballot may be adopted. The meeting minutes are to be kept in the Secretariat.

第八條       本辦法經行政會議通過後實施,修正時亦同。

Article 8     These Regulations are to be enforced following approval through the administrative meeting. The same shall apply to their revisions.